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Gel Box

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This professional starter kit allows you to do your manicures and your pedicures at home and will give you results as if you were at the beauty salon. Choose your 2 free gel polishes from our 300 gel colors available on the website by adding it to your cart. Each kit comes with the steps to follow in order to have a new manicure every 3 weeks!
  1. Add the Gel Box to your cart
  2. Add 2 gel polishes of your choice to your cart
  3. At checkout, enter the code " GELBOX ". The two gel polishes included with the Gel Box kit will then be free!

Please note that base and top gel polishes are already included in the Gel Box kit. You don't need to add them to your cart.

BIG-5 Free means Bio Seaweed Gel polishes are free of the 5 health damaging chemicals that are often found in other brands in the polish industry.

These 5 products are: 

  • Formaldehyde: Formaldehyde is used to harden and strengthen nail polishes, also serving as a preservative that protects against bacterial growth. Formaldehyde can cause skin, eye, nose and throat irritation. High levels of exposure can cause certain types of cancer.
  • Toluene: Toluene is known to be part of the so-called "toxic trio" of dangerous chemicals found in polishes (including formaldehyde and DBP) that give polishes a hard finish. Exposure to toluene can cause eye and nose irritation, confusion, euphoria, dizziness, headache, dilated pupils, skin inflammation, and liver and kidney damage. Products containing toluene can produce dangerous fumes which can also cause nausea and unconsciousness.
  • DBP: Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) is primarily used in nail products as a solvent for dyes and as a plasticizer that prevents polishes from becoming brittle. The controversial family of ingredients are phthalates, which have been implicated as endocrine disruptors and linked to endocrine system problems and increased risk of diabetes.
  • BHA: BHA is primarily used as an antioxidant and preservative and is considered a carcinogen that can promote tumor growth and impair blood clotting. They have been, BHA as well as BHT, banned in Canada, Japan, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Camphor: Camphor is often used as a plasticizer, which helps the polish stick to your nails. It also prevents chipping. Prolonged and excessive exposure to vapors can cause nausea, dizziness, headaches and disorientation, making it of particular concern for technicians nails. Apart from nail care, it has been used by insect hobbyists to preserve specimens.

All Bio Seaweed Gel polishes are certified cruelty-free and vegan. They are also enriched with vitamins and minerals to ensure healthy nails.

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maya l.
Canada Canada

Super achat!

Vraiment un ensemble de qualité. Mon vernis tient minimum deux semaines. Les couleurs sont vraiment belles. Je ne jure que par ça maintenant pour faire mes manucures et pédicures.

Ophelie B.
Canada Canada

Très pratique

Je suis extrêmement satisfaite de mon achat. La Gel Box est parfaite pour apprendre à faire ses ongles soi-même. Les produits sont de très bonnes qualités et les instructions sont très claires. J’ai hâte d’agrandir ma collection de vernis et de me perfectionner!

Ophelie B.
Canada Canada

Très bon achat!

A Gel Box est formidable! Tout est inclus pour apprendre à faire ses ongles soi-même. Les instructions sont claires et les outils sont de très bonne qualité. Je suis extrêmement satisfaite de mon achat et je prends plaisir à faire mes ongles. Bien hâte d’ajouter d’autres vernis à ma collection!

Clara P.
Canada Canada

Meilleur achat à vie!


Lydia L.
Canada Canada


Rien a dire.. Cette boîte contient tout ce que j'ai besoin.

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