Do you want to become a nail technician or even refine your technique? Onglesteph offers three types of training and they are given either privately or in groups. A diploma will be offered to you following the successful completion of the technical courses and the practical exam. 


Training #1: Gel polish on natural nails + starter kit valued at $215 (Gel Box) + Recognized diploma

Training #2 (Complete training): Resin and powder nail technique + gel polish (Onglesteph Technique) + starter kit valued at $300 + Recognized diploma

Training #3: Improvement of your choice


For additional information and to know the rates, contact Stéphanie at (514) 885-2073 or by e-mail

If you are ready to register, go to the Reservations / Reservation - Training section. A deposit of $75 will be requested and will be deducted from the total amount on the day of payment.