Always apply the gel polish on one or two nails at a time, curing them for 5 seconds under the lamp to avoid spillage into the cuticles.

1. Apply polish evenly Base gel fortifiante and cure it under the Lampe UV / LED during 2 minutes

If you miss a small corner, the gel could easily peel off.

2. Apply a first coat of gel color and cure it under the pendant lamp 1 minute

Apply as many coats as desired until you love the opacity. Polymerize between each coat.

3. Apply varnish evenly Shiny gel finish and cure it 2-3 minutes

We advise you to cure the tips of your nails by lifting your hand under the lamp, but leaving your palm on the plate so that they are in contact directly with the LEDs.

Make sure your fingernails are all dry, especially on the sides of the thumb and the little finger.

Note that each layer of gel polish will not be dry when you remove your nails from the lamp. They will be sticky throughout the application process except when you have applied the finish. Only the varnish Shiny gel finish will be completely dry once cured.

4. To finalize your manicure, apply cuticle oil and/or cream CND to hydrate your cuticles and voila!